Get Ready For Winter With Kanata Toyota

Our team is devoted to keeping you safe on the winter roads. We are here to share some tips to ensure you, and your car are ready to take on Ottawa's winter roads.


Thinking about all season tires vs winter tires?

"It's not about taking off, it's about stopping. This is why a winter tire is better at stopping than an all season tire." - D. Myers

There is a difference in the tread between the tires, and David Myers, Service Manager talks to us about how winter tires are made to push out snow and ice, and keep you safe on Ottawa's winter roads.

Watch as he answers your FAQ's about winter tires.


Climate-Controlled Tire Storage

Save your back, and free up some space in our climate-controlled facility

Parts Manager, Pat Demahy talks to us about three different types of wiper blades.

1. The original blades that come with you vehicle.
2. All season blade
3. Winter style blade

Toyota's washer fluid can be used all year round and is designed to keep your windshield clean and your wipers in perfect working order.

Eric Ruschmeier, Shop Foreman talks to us about the type of wheel nuts.

1.Steel wheel nuts

2.Alloy wheel nuts

Using the wrong one for your wheel could lead to a very costly repair.