Toyota Headlight Restoration Service: $99.95

Trouble seeing at night? Are your Headlights Hazy?

Get your headlights restored for $99.95

We are proud to use OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts on all Toyota vehicles to ensure complete satisfaction. The service is available for all makes and models at our Kanata Toyota.

Get Your Headlights Restored

Why should you opt for Headlight Buffing?

Foggy headlamps can decrease the visibility given off by your lights. This is detrimental not only to the driver and how much he/she can see on the roads but also to other drivers as well. We can easily remove the fog and dirt from your headlamps and ensure maximum performance for your vehicle's lights.

What causes Headlights to turn Yellow and Foggy?

The headlights are external fixtures and that makes them susceptible to any environmental assault. The outside factors are more serious on cars today because the headlights are no longer made of glass. Instead, these fixtures are made of hard plastic that is covered with a clear coat to protect the porous surface. It can be road salt or pollution, but sooner or later the clear coat on the headlights is going to start fading away. The wintertime, in particular, can be rough because of the road salts and mucky water. In the summer, the sun wears down the clarity of the headlights. Even if there is UV protection it is good for only so long. That clear coat also can be affected by the type of cleaning agents used. All of this results in the plastic eventually becoming oxidized and a foggy appearance is a consequence. This adds up to a situation where headlights can get worse for wear and need to have some work done on them.

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