START+ Long Range Remote – $361.44 onwards

Over 50% off Toyota START+ – Remote Engine Starter with Installation

Toyota START+ Long Range Remote Engine Starter enables you to start your Toyota from 800 meters or 2,600 feet away (unobstructed). Toyota START+ activates your pre-set heating system, your pre-set heated seats, as well as your front and rear defoggers.

Reduced price is available for select models & model years. Please check with us for customized pricing.

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NOTE: START+ is designed for vehicles with Auto transmission only.


What makes START+ different?

Toyota START+ Long Range Remote Starter
On the coldest or hottest days, START+ enables you to start your vehicle from 800m (2,600’) away (unobstructed) and activates pre-set heating and ventilation system.
Easy Operation
START+ is easy to operate, you just need to press two buttons in sequence to start or stop the engine.
Two-Way Communication
START+ provides audio and visual confirmation for engine start and stop.
Front/Rear Defogger Control
START+ helps clear condensation and activates your vehicle’s front and rear defoggers.
Weather and Shock Resistant
The rubber membrane inside the fob makes it weather and shock-resistant.
Full integration with vehicle
START+ doesn’t interfere with other vehicle electronics and is designed to fully integrate with the Toyota ECU and immobilizer.