Wheel Alignment for $129.95

‘Tis the season of snowbanks & hidden potholes.

Protect your Tires and Rims with a Wheel Alignment

Winter wheel alignment is just as important as winter tires. Improperly aligned wheels can cause damage to your vehicle and it will also harm your car's handling and fuel efficiency. Our Factory Trained and Toyota Certified Technicians will be able to take precise measurements in order to correctly align your vehicle for those long drives

Wheel Alignment: $129.95


 Why do I Need a Wheel Alignment?

Driving on properly aligned tires can help improve the safety of your vehicle, help increase the gas mileage you’re able to achieve, and often makes for a smoother ride. Getting regular tire alignments can also save you money in the long run by ensuring that your tires last longer, so you don’t have to replace them as often.

What Happens When you Need a Tire Alignment?

Driving on tires that are out of alignment can cause uneven tread wear and make the tire tread disappear faster. Having uneven tread or the low tread is the number one reason for tire replacement in . Failing to have the wheels on your vehicle regularly aligned will cause you to have to replace the tires more quickly.

How Can Tires Come Out of Alignment?

If you replace the tires on your vehicle the alignment can be thrown off. This is why most tire shops offer alignment with new tire purchases. But your car can also be thrown out of alignment by simply hitting a deep pothole, running over a curb, or hitting another road hazard.

When Should You Get an Alignment Check?

Your vehicle needs the alignment checked after you put new tires on or any time unusual tire wear patterns appear. You might also want to get the alignment checked after you hit something very hard (like a curb or pothole in ) or get into an auto accident, even just a fender bender.

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